• Us
    The incredibly powerful spirit of the tradition and culture, the quiet whisper of the ancient Heraclea, the soft sound of the pipe with the fresh breath of the gorgeous Baba mountain, the songs of the boems melted into the enchanting smell of Shirok Sokak coffee…This, and much more, is breathtaking, Bitola. In the heart of this marvelous town there is a worm and cozy nest, "Drop of soul" which, with its colourfull and harmonious ambient, exists to enreach your experience and make it unforgetable memory…
  • What we offer
    In the fully equipped 42m2 our apartment also includes:
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Cable and wi-fi internet
    • Cable TV and DVD
    • Air conditioner
    • Washing machine
  • Additional services
    • Transport from and to the airport
    • Organized sightseeing of the town
    • Organized tours of significant places outside the town ( churches, monasteries, villages, national parks etc.)
  • Cultural events in Bitola
    Small Monmartre of Bitola 23th of May – 30 of May
    Festival of Monodrama 16th of June – 20 of June
    Bitola summer festival "Bit Fest" 22th of June – 31st August
    Foklour festival "Ilindenski Denovi" 29th of July – 02nd of August
    IFKF "Manaki Brothers" September / October
    IFKM "Interfest" October